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How It Works

  • The antenna is installed on the roof of your building and receives mobile signal from all mobile operators.

  • The signal is sent to a repeater which amplifies the signal.

  • The repeater has 4 output ports and sends the signal to 4 individual line-amps throughout the building.

  • The line-amps can distribute the signal to up to 4 antennas each. That’s 16 antennas in total throughout the building.

  • Each antenna provides coverage in approximately 2-3 rooms.

  • The system can be scaled using splitters and more line-amps to provide indefinite coverage.

Line Amplification

  • Line amps can be installed after any repeater to distribute mobile signal deeper into the building.

  • The system allows for one layer of line-amps after a repeater. Splitters can be using to increase coverage.This type of installation requires professional skills and equipment.


We can offer training on how to professionally install this equipment.If you are an installer who wants to install this system in a large building in a city, please contact us.You must have a prospective building lined up and ready for installation.

    • The building must be in a town or city.

    • The building must be large enough to need at least 6 line-amps. (ie, multi-story)


The diagram below is just an example to show you how best to place the antennas inside your building.

Make sure to place enough antennas in the corridors of your building – every 15m.

One antenna will provide coverage in a 30m X 30m area(large open room).

Small rooms with wooden doors do not need separate antennas, as long as they are within a 20m range of any antennas nearby. See the diagram below.

If you email us plans of your building, we will design the antenna layout

The image below shows an example building plan of 1 floor. Here we use 1 repeater, 2 line-amps and only 7 antennas. This plan shows you how to layout your antennas.


  • mobile signal booster in houses/ offices
  • Coverage: ~4 rooms models
  • Compatible with all mobile operators(airtel,jio.vodafone,idea,tata)
  • Voice and data (2G, 3G and 4G volte )
  • Simple and intuitive LED indicator

  • No Sim card required, no extra bills

  • Everything included for complete installation

General Features

  • High system gains
  • Full band amplification
  •  Full duplex and double-end design
  • Real ALC / AGC technology
  • Manual Gina Control(MGC) optional
  • CE, RoHS compliant

Key Features

  • Automatic Level/Gain Control (ALC/AGC
  • Automatic Isolation Protection (AIP)
  • Manual Gina Control(MGC) optional

Our products special Features: